Value Through People

Value through people

Right people, working on the right opportunities delivering the right results. The most valuable resource to any company are the people who work for it and with effective engagement of the people, connecting to the vision, the business finds it easy to overcome obstacles and succeed. When people feel respected, engaged, listened to, valued, it creates a sense of belonging.


Most people want to perform well in their jobs. Not only do they go to work to earn a living, but they also want to develop a sense of worth in their work. They want to feel like they have contributed to the company goals, like their work and effort has meant something.
Sounds warm and fuzzy, we deliver these results differently. Through structured improvement programs which undeniably impact the culture of the organisation, tapping into the most valuable resource in your business, your people. Start on a small scale, and expand the momentum quickly when achieving the planned milestones as to ensure adoption of the changed environment by the right people.

What we look for

We are not performing as well as we could.

Measure what?

We dont have a clear vision or we do not know how to get to our vision.

How do I juggle all the balls.

My employees are not productive enough.

We missed another opportunity.




  • Review Business performance.
  • Value Stream Mapping overview.
  • Review current Management Operating System (MOS).
  • Review people management processes (PMS).
  • Complete Capability Assessments.
  • Review organisation Structure efficiencies and interfaces.
  • Assess current stakeholder engagement.
  • VSM assessment and performance gaps identified.
  • Current status of people system alignment identified and potential actions in place.
  • Stakeholder review completed.
  • MOS status clarified and plan developed to address any business and behavioural gaps.

Analysis and Development

  • Simplified implementation framework to maximise value – Less is More/Low hanging fruit.
  • Update MOS.
  • Identify key operating standards/process and initiate deployment of the Leadership development program.
  • Propose Organisational and Role requirements with implementation detail.
  • Agree business performance tracking system and expected results.
  • MOS agreed and deployment commenced.
  • Innovation activities identified to drive improvements.
  • Capability Analysis completed and development plans in place.
  • Role clarity and accountabilities aligned with agreed organisation structure.
  • Initiation of key improvement initiatives i.e. Information Centres/5S.

Deployment and Sustainability

  • Ongoing deployment of key activities to lock in MOS.
  • Ongoing deployment of leadership Development Program.
  • Implementation of Business Improvement management process.
  • Continued Deployment of Information Centres/5S program.
  • Support for the implementation of employee training needs analysis.
  • Leadership capability assessment process in place.
  • Performance management process deployed.
  • Business Performance layered audit process in place.
  • Employee engagement improvement process deployed.
  • Skills based training program deployed.

Service Workshops




Optimising Human Capability is often one of the key challenges for faced by Business Leaders:
• How do we ensure our people are doing the right level of work?
• How do we know that we are getting value from our people investment?
• How do we ensure that people are working on the right activities to deliver the best result for the customers and stakeholders?

Our strategy is to work with the current business human resources to ensure there is clear alignment and accountability between roles, work process and business objectives. Our fundamental goal is to assist businesses with the development of a performance based culture that is underpinned by lean/6 Sigma operating principles – our approach commences with a diagnostic of the principle value chain of the business with the aim of reviewing and understanding critical business safety, performance, people and cost drivers and what current variances/barriers exist with respect to achieving the business objectives. We facilitate this through developing action focused data driven continuous Improvement (CI) capability at an increasing rate, delivering large step-change value ($). Equipping future leaders with an improvement mindset. We integrate the elements of the business i.e. Asset Management, HSE, etc. by building an understanding that Lean/6σ is THE selected improvement methodology used in delivering the future success state. We ensure effective understanding of the tools to deliver value add, making removing of variability a habit.