Maximize Equipment Operating Time

Maximise Equipment Operating Time

The market is there; you just cannot meet demand. You have expanded your client base and have limited ability to meet the additional demand, and just not sure why. Allow us to remove variability from your process, caused through e.g. delays, rework, constant breakdowns, stoppages, and built reliability in your resources. So the next time your equipment stops, it is because you decided it should stop and not because of breakdowns/un-planned maintenance.


We can deploy simple downtime and production reporting solutions which will keep your finger on the pulse of activity. We can identify the bottlenecks in your business, and built a performance culture to:

  • Exploit the bottleneck process or equipment, without capital investment.
  • Facilitate exceptional understanding of subordinating non-constraint components.
  • Prioritise resource to further improve performance focusing at the constraint.

Additionally, our asset management capability and process knowledge gives us the ability to accurately plan your maintenance for single or multiple machines, interface effectively with your integrated supply chains and/or processing/manufacturing plants, driving towards maximising availability and utilisation of the equipment.

what we look for

Our equipment failures are killing us.

The last shutdown did not finish on time again.

We again had to re-schedule activities/work orders.

We have missed the deadline on another order.

Our costs are through the roof.

analytical tools

Design and implement of end-to-end shutdown processes delivering maximum plant availability. Our tools include JIT (Just in Time). SMED (single-minute exchange of die); poka-yoke (error-proofing), TPM and the use of SaFe Time®.

We are proficient in several asset management software systems for maintaining your equipment/asset strategies and schedules, or/and manage your resources for maintaining your assets, including shutdowns e.g. SAP, Pronto, STEMS, Oracle, Intellipermit and iManage Compliance.

Our end-to-end shutdown processes include the scheduling and planning for shutdowns, the overall management of the shutdown execution program and supporting the commissioning/re-starting of equipment, processes and facilities. Our approach includes completing a diagnostic on the current process, develop and execute a revised framework and then validating effectiveness. We also provide specialised shutdown health and safety advisors for shutdown executions who effectively engage Supervisors and the general work force to ensure they have the right information, at the right time for SaFe Time® decisions.

long term

You’ve been there before where exceptional improvement ideas deliver initial results, but it was short lived. We implement real time performance management to deliver consistent high quality outcomes, engaging people in processes as to ensure sustainability.
Process discipline is a key outcome and are deployed through production or cost drive trees embedded in team centres using KPI boards, thus ensuring a clear line of sight on people’s personal value add. This is a corner stone for Business Process Improvement.