Effective HSE and Risk Management

How a HSE Partner can benefit your business. With our highly competent Health and Safety or Environmental Advisors we implement practical, real time, cost effective solutions to sustain or improve performance and deliver consistent high quality outcomes supporting your strategy and Licence to Operate. We engage your people in Health, Safety and Environment processes ensuring sustainability. You maintain line accountability for Safety, but outsource the “grunt” work. We embrace understanding of hazards and risk, ensuring you are able to control the outcomes. We can assist you with the design and implementation of a simple risk framework meeting the legislative and ISO 31000 requirement.


What we look for

  • Did not get the job because of our safety performance
  • Our work area is in chaos
  • I fear for my life or the life of my employees
  • We had the mines inspector/work safe inspector visiting us and he nailed us
  • I cannot make head or tail from this documented bureaucracy
  • We need an independent investigation done
  • We do not understand our hazards or manage them effectively


Assess your current status and determine the procedures, processes and operating discipline you have in place in your business, Includes an assessment on people, equipment and systems. It is also structured to ensure leadership engagement and support, agreeing on the outcomes and guiding principles i.e. decision and escalation processes.

Analysis and Development

Identifying the opportunities and align with the strategic business drive and requirements for maintaining your License to Operate and being a preferred employer because of your focus on Health, Safety and Environment.

Deployment and sustainability

Involve your people in the deployment ensuring they have the knowledge and ability to understand the requirements and maintain the standardised processes and embedding resilience in your organisation.

Analytical Tools

If you are fighting fires and don’t know actually what your safety performance looks like or you have an HSE strategy conflicting with your business objectives, then we will complete an assessment on your business to determine what your current status is (Diagnostics), define what success looks like (Analysis and Development) and develop a roadmap aligned with your business objectives to achieve this (Deployment and Sustainability).

Management System

The developing and implementation of integrated, practical, dynamic and engaging HSE and Q management systems. Our model involves the development and implementation of a combined OHSAS 18001 (OHS Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), and ISO 9001 (Quality Management) system, fully integrated between the elements, e.g. Risk Management, Communication, Training and Development, Certifiable to the International Standards.

Risk Management

Develop and implement AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 Risk management – Principles and guidelines, and facilitate the risk assessments, development of controls and subsequent effectiveness reviews. We do it from scratch, or work within your framework, giving you an independent review on the effectiveness of your risk controls. Our skills and experience includes HAZOP, HAZID, CTA, FMEA, BowTie facilitation and analysis, and Safety in Design developments and independent reviews.

Field Leadership and Behavioral Based Safety Programs

Effective management of hazards and the associated controls to achieve your HSE business objectives requires a determined program through which leaders can interact with people and workers who are engaged and understand Hazards. Understanding hazards meaning they are able to recognise them and have the ability to make the best call on how to control the hazard. We can start a program from new, ensuring it achieves the culture you are aiming at in your business, or we can assess your current program and improve it to deliver step changed results. The Field Leadership program includes principals from “Leading a Lean Organisation”, which are genchi (go to actual place), genbutsu (observe the actual product, process and service) and genjitsu (gather actual facts).

Assessment and advice on safety hazards.

Our understanding of Hazards is what allows us to stand-out from the others. Through our understanding of the Hazards, Australian Standards, and experience in Oil and Gas, Mining and Processing, Manufacturing and Construction, we are able to provide effective advice on the appropriate controls associated with a hazard e.g. Gravity – Working at Heights Fall Protection, Motion – Equipment Guarding and isolation’s.

Health, Safety and Environment Advisors

Have you considered outsourcing the “grunt” work of your HSE function, while still maintaining line accountability? Allow a few of our HSE Advisors to build a relationship with your Supervisors, and then switch additional HSE people on when required i.e. for a Shutdown, support the launch of a key initiative, conduct independent audits? It certainly does not mean you do not have accountability? It’s quite simply smart business and ensures the HSE Advisors stay professionally connected.

Hazard Categories

  • Motion

    Change in position of energy-damage-based hazards, from mechanical, fixed plant and mobile plant.

  • Gravity

    Gravitational, which includes slips, trips and falls.

  • Electrical Hazards

    Associated with uncontrolled release of electrical energy which can result in electrocution, fire and explosions.

  • Physical Hazards

    Such as Sound (noise), Temperature (thermal), Radiation, Pressure (compressed or vacuum) and vibration.

  • Chemical Hazards

    As identified on Safety Data Sheets.

  • Psychological Hazards

    Such as stress, workplace bullying, overwork and fatigue.

  • Biomechanical Hazards

    Including manual handling, workplace and task design

  • Biological Hazards

    Such as viruses, bacteria, fungi.