Business Process Optimisation

Is there more opportunity in your business? Do you feel that your business results have become flat-lined or has not kept trend with the market and that the only opportunity to gain additional outcomes is through more people or capital investment?
It is time you run diagnostics on your business and identify opportunities for removing variability and facilitate step-change improvement in performance.


We align with the current business systems and drivers and raise the capability of the internal resources required to ensure that the changes are sustained within the business without the ongoing reliance on external resources – we see our role as knowledgeable change facilitators and build a transitional plan into all our process.

What we look for

  • Worshop or work area looks like a dogs breakfast
  • Making money, but extremely stressed
  • Not happy with how the business is going and believe the business can do better
  • Workers are generally getting on with the job, but lots of waiting time
  • Idle equipment


Identifying the waste/unevenness and overburden and aligning opportunities with the business drivers (QSCSM). Ensure leadership engagement and support, agreeing on the outcomes and guiding principles i.e. decision and escalation processes.

Analysis and Development

Analyzing the waste/unevenness to find the causes, and preparing people for change.

Deployment and Sustainability

Deploying solutions to illuminate the causes and establishing standardised processes to ensure sustainability in the improvement results.

Analytical Tools

The analytical tools we use engages your people and include value stream mapping, Cause and Effect diagrams and Statistical data analysis, deployed through several different opportunity identification tools i.e. brainstorming.
We work through the seven sources of waste, originally outlined in the Toyota production system, as “muda”, and in line with the fundamentals of Lean Manufacturing adding an eighth i.e. “workforce”. The wastes simply explained are:

  • Overproduction

    Are you producing more than consumers demand?

  • Waiting

    How much lag time is there between production steps?

  • Inventory

    Are your supply levels and work in progress inventories too high?

  • Transportation

    Do you move materials efficiently?

  • Over-processing

    Do you work on the product too many times, or otherwise work inefficiently?

  • Motion

    Do people and equipment move between tasks efficiently?

  • Defects

    How much time do you spend finding and fixing production mistakes?

  • Workforce

    Do you use workers efficiently?

Investigation Training

Get the basics right. Do you have repeat events? This is causing you time and money. It’s not just about Safety, address all defects in a simple and effective way.
We improve your capability to investigate and identify causes, put effective actions in place to prevent re-occurrence. It is about having an effective workplace defect investigation process to ensure you identify the causes and can prevent recurrences in safety, delays, deliveries, defect?
Let us analyse defects and show you how to grasp the underlying causes of workplace incidents and develop corrective actions to mitigate future incidents.
This training expands on the core requirements of every investigation, collecting data, sorting the data and how to feed the data into your investigation methodology i.e. tap-root, ICAM, etc.